Top Insta Spots In The Philippines

These are our Top tips for Instagram snaps from our trip around The Philippines!


Our first stop was the capital city, Manila.  We were not there a very long time, just over 24 hours, but it was just enough time to get a little bit of a flavour from the city.  We enjoyed exploring the city during the day, in particular the Intramuros part of the city and the old buildings there.  However, our top Instagram spot from the city was heading to a rooftop in the Makati district for sunset.  The views over the city are stunning and offer lots of different options for sunset photos.  Happy sunset snapping chaps.

The Carmoan Peninsular

Next up on our trip was the beautiful Carmon peninsular.  It is not the most accessible place we have ever been to - but that merely adds to the experience.  We flew from Manila to Naga, then had a bus transfer and then a boat transfer and then another bus!  But it was worth getting there.  Unfortunately we did not get the best weather when we were at Gotta Village (where the TV show survivor is filmed) but our top recommendation would be kayaking around the white sand beaches or island hoping and getting the drone up.  There is so much potential here for stunning imagery, we hope to return some day and get luckier with the weather.

Cebu & Oslob

Easily accessible, Cebu is a bit of a hub in central Philippines for flights connecting people to other smaller islands in The Philippines.  Our main highlights were the waterfalls, particularly Tumalog Falls and Kawasan Falls.  Tumalog is impressively tall but can get quite busy, so for photography we would suggest getting there as early as possible.  A suggestion for Kawasan falls would be to try the canyoneering that is on offer there too.  We went with a guide and he was happy to carry our 1Dx Mark ii up with us in a waterproof bag, which meant we could take snaps along the way too.  The scenery at canyoneering is almost as stunning as the final waterfall and is not too busy considering.


Head to The Chocolate Hills!  For photos and drone shots try be there for sunset or sunrise, obviously, as the light is softer and it is not as busy.  But during the day it is equally fun hiring a couple of ATVs and exploring from a different, faster perspective.


The surf hotspot in The Philippines was well worth a visit and we found it one of the best places for drone photography from our trip.  The surf at Cloud 9 is very consistent and is perfectly lit at sunrise.  Moreover the fields of palm trees by the coast also offer some interesting compositions with the drone.  If you have time, we would also suggest heading to the south of the island for some stunning blue waters, lagoons and islands off the coastline.


The White Island on Camiguin is a relatively undiscovered slice of paradise that is easily accessible for the day and surrounded by some of the bluest and warmest water we have ever experienced.  This would be our top snapping spot, enjoy.

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