5 Things You Will Get Addicted To In Asia

5 Things You Will Get Addicted To In Asia

It may not seem a lot from surface but once you immerse in it. You won’t want to leave!

Asia includes 48 countries and today I want to share with you 5 things you will get addicted to in Asia. You will also find out why it is one of the favourite continent to work and play for digital nomads and start-up entrepreneurs.

2014 Thailand trip. It was on that trip that I knew I was born to travel, addicted to it and from that journey on, if I hadn’t been traveling then the hole size of China who exists in my heart!

Without further ado, Let’s begin!

1. Eating out A LOT

Food needs no introduction. Food is life. Asia is diverse with different cuisines.

Within each country there are many ethnicity and under those hundred ethnicity there are other hundreds sub ethnic people with their own customs, food and traditions. Imagine trying all those thousand different types of food in each Asian country! I know I will never be bored with variety of local food in Asia and its intoxifying smells.

I also believe Food is what brings people together and when you are traveling, it becomes a major factor. That one meal you shared with a stranger could lead to a source of information for next leg of your trip or solution to your current problem or even a good friendship, brotherhood/ sisterhood you name it. It could happen while devouring local phat Thai in Ko San Road in Bangkok, Guillin noodles in remote china or munching over Banh Mi in Vietnam.

Food is power and if you have lived in Asia for a while you know how easy it is to strike a conversation over food. Well you could do the same in your home country. I hear ya! But Shit ain’t that easy in first world countries. I have friends who have gone back to their countries from traveling and every time they try to have conversation with random stranger, all they get is a bitch face. So, yeah… Perhaps people are only friendly while away from home in a foreign land because no body wants to be alone!

Anyway, back to food. In some Asian countries, you don’t even have to worry about closing time. Hungry at 2am? No worries just walked down the street and plenty of choices. Asia is sort of food heaven that opens 24 hours (in some cities), affordable and has food that tastes way better than McDonalds takeaway.

2. Being surrounded with Nature
World’s tallest mountains are in Asia, some of World’s best beaches are in Asia, heritage monuments can also be found here and nature’s unique creations. Lucky Asia! But it’s not only that, its more about how it makes you feel when you are being surrounded with nature. Remember that inner calmness and clarity?

I walk two minutes from my room and there is a beach waiting for me. In another Asian country, I open my window and there are mountains to be climbed and beautiful places to be explored. Landscapes untouched, nature breathtaking. It is hard not to fall in love with Mother Nature in Asia. Plus the weather is probably better than your home or last country you were in. No wonder many digital nomads and travellers folk back to Asia time and again just to be around those amazing nature.

3. Checking out or Participating in Festivals
Another benefit that comes with all those thousand ethnicities is they have their own festivals, occasions and traditions to celebrate. However, holidays for those celebrations could be nationwide or state only. Just to give you an example: In one calendar month, there are more than 5 festival celebrations in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is crazy I know. It is such a vivid experience to see communities coming together for different occasions in one month.

This is something that doesn’t happen often in other parts of the world and clearly why most travellers tell me how plain life is back home. Only festivals to attend were Music or food festivals  – fun but this is interesting in different level, tasting cultures through festivals. It is definitely a fun and easy way to understand its history and people of the country too. No surprise many nomads plan their travels around the festivals.

4. Cheap Thrills (cost) of living
Weather it be rooftop terrace with beautiful sunsets view or bedroom overlooking stunning city view. You can have them all between $300-400 p/m. And some even come with FREE Maid Service. What is laundry! Combine that with full English breakfast for less than $10 or dinner at a fancy place for 2 under $50. It is affordable to live in Asia unless you go above and beyond your budget and go out drinking every night. Even then some cities like Hanoi you could buy beer for 25c!

You can have the Queen or the King life in Asia that you can only dream about in your own country. Life gets on the way when you pay ridiculous rent to live in shoebox with no sunsets view. Same with the food price, taxi fares and everything else. But you could have all this and more for a reasonable price in Asia.

5. Friendly people
Travelling on your own to one of the Asian countries? Fear not! Making new friends at the hostel means always having someone to throw back shots of tequila with. Fellow nomad friends made from teaching English, online business or at the bar? Consider them family. We are talking real conversation here not just some small talk. No better feeling than finding your type of people in a foreign land. When was the last time you tried finding new family members at the hostel or at the bars?

Asia is addictive and I can’t wait to run back to it!

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Hope you get a kick out of it.

Happy travels x