Top 5 Tips for Beginner Photographers

1:  Take photos for you!

Don’t focus on the numbers (how many likes or followers you have).  Often this is a motivating reason for many young photographers, but can be a distraction from the actual process of taking photographs.  Instead, focus on improving your ability and on taking photos you love.

2:  Get used to your camera!

Don’t worry enormously about what camera you are shooting with, instead focus on really getting used to your camera.  Whether you are shooting on an old iPhone or a new DSLR, watch YouTube videos on your exact camera and learn the ‘Ins and Outs’ of it.  Before you start thinking about going out and shooting, you should first have a good grasp of how your camera works, what the buttons mean and what the settings do.  If you do shoot on a DSLR it is worth while reading up, or watching up, on what a DSLR camera actually is!


3:  Get shooting Manual!

Learn the basics of photography and exposing photographs so you can get shooting in manual mode.  What is ISO, aperture and shutter speed? Learn about the roles each have to play in capturing differently exposed images.  This is a great way to make your move out of auto mode, and into shooting on manual so you can take better control of your shots.  It can be daunting shooting manual for the first time and can lead to some interesting results!  But with time it will really help you improve.  This is the data we put on all our featured photographs on @canon_photos, so people can get an insight into how the shot was taken.

4:  Attempt a specific shot!

Learn a specific technique and attempt a specific shot.  If you have seen a cool long-exposure shot or an interesting photo of someone jumping, or a specific edit.  Try and recreate it.  It will take a few attempts I am sure and will likely look different to what you had in mind.  But it is a great way to help get to know your camera and editing software.  On @canon_photos we always put the camera exit data, so if you see an interesting shot on @canon_photos, note the camera settings down and try and recreate a similar shot!  Similarly with a specific edit, try to re create a certain feel of a photograph you have seen elsewhere.  This is where presets can be really great and we encourage people to try them out to enhance their photography. Our range of presets are available here

5:  Be patient and practice!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.  A little cliche but it is worth being patient and enjoying the process of improving. Take your camera with you more often than not!  Practice shooting more and then go home and practice editing the shots too.  Like learning anything, practice is so crucial!

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