A few days ago we invited you to ask us anything for a Q&A.  Thanks so much for all the comments and messages asking so many questions!  We will do our best to answer as many as we can now.


What is @canon_photos? / Who is behind it, what is behind it, why did it start?

Back in 2012 Henry Nathan (@henry.nathan), started the account with the goal of creating a community of photographers who wanted to get their name out there and share the work they had created using Canon cameras.

Fast-forward five years, and now there is a creative agency behind the page (@xpocreatives) as well as this website aimed at sharing blogs and enabling people to buy the photos they love.  Moreover, Henry has added Ian (@ianharper_) and Piers (@piersnathan) to the management team as well as different photographers with the aim to build the community further as we grow.


How old are you? / Where are you from?

Henry is 20, but 21 later this summer!  Henry is from Sussex, just south of London, UK.


How much money do you make?  Is this your full time job?

@Canon_Photos is Henry and Ian’s full time job and we are fortunate to be able to make a living working with tourist boards, hotels and brands.  And we are now excited about opening this website to offer more information and opportunities to our community.


How can I get featured on @canon_photos?

Although #Canon_Photos now has over four million posts, this is still the best way to get featured.  Also tag @canon_photos and make sure you have an awesome image!


Favourite photo on @canon_photos?

Ian’s (@ianharper_) shot of Barcelona from above!



What inspires you?

Helping others with their photography, and encouraging others to try new experiences and be adventurous for photography.


Summer plans?

Henry and Ian are heading to New Zealand very soon, which is very exciting.  The rest of the summer is very busy but we will keep it a surprise for now!


Best camera for beginners?

Canon 1300D


Best mid range camera?

Canon 70D


Best high end camera?

Canon 5D Mark IV


What equipment do you use? Favourite lens?

Henry started taking photos on a Canon 550D, but is now very fortunate and uses the Canon 1Dx Mark II.  Our favorite lens is the 16-35mm, which is our go to lens for traveling.


Any recommendations for apps to edit photos?



Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset!  Don’t need to get up too early that way!


Favourite country?

New Zealand!  And we are excited to be heading back there very soon.


Favourite place to shoot?



Advice on being a travel photographer?  Advantages and disadvantages of the job?

Really think about if you actually want to do this job.  And why you want to.  The advantages are fairly apparent, the experiences are unforgettable.  Traveling the world, visiting new cultures and seeing amazing places.  However, there is no such thing as the coolest job in the world.  The job is not perfect and it can be hard being away from family and friends for long periods of time.  Moreover, there is always a lot of pressure to consistently create the very best content on every single job.


Tips for beginners?

Go out and practice every single day!  Practice shooting and editing as often as you can.  Try and recreate styles on Lightroom and really get to know your camera and editing software.


Do you pay for your flights to the places you go?

This often depends what trip we go on. Frequently, when working with companies or tourist boards, all our travel and expenses are covered, as we are working in partnership with them. However, we believe it is important to travel for non-work related reasons in order to allow you to unwind. Henry goes to Jamaica at least once a year, as it is a place he loves and this is a trip completely for leisure. Therefore, all these flights would not be paid for.


From where do you get your inspiration and what makes you work hard?

The primary source of inspiration and work ethic is to love what you do. Photography and travelling is something we have a genuine passion for. I think if anyone creates a situation where their job and income is through something they love doing, then inspiration and work ethic is a natural progression. 


Do you sell any Lightroom presets?

This is one of the main features of our new site, we have launched selling a few preset options but we will be constantly updating them over time from many different photographers. Presets are a fantastic way to really change the quality of a photo, I would highly recommend people looking to get some great edits to purchase them. Available here.