Interview With a Photographer | Uli Cremerius

1.     Where’s home?

Born and raised in Bonn, Germany.

2. What is the favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Faroe Islands, Iceland, Lofoten Islands.

3. How did you get started as a photographer?

Started with my best friend Marcel (@evolumina) when we were 16 years old. Tried some long exposure shots of New Year rockets, before I focused on Landscape photography.

4. What camera equipment / software / tech do you use?  Any must haves?

I’m working with a Canon 5D Mark III and mostly with the 16-35mm, 24-70 and the 100-400mm. I like to shoot with zoom lenses, because the fixed focal length isn´t very flexible for shooting landscapes.

5. What photographers have influenced you, how you think and shoot?

Chris Burkard and especially Andreas Kieling, an outdoor videographer from Germany who travels the world and gets in touch with the nature.

6. What are you trying to communicate through your photographs?

That it’s worth to travel and explore different places on earth. It’s a greater value than partying every weekend and spending money for useless things. Every land has its own magic and you meet so many different people by traveling. 

7. What motivates you to continue doing what you’re doing?

My dreams. My family. My friends.

8. Are you a bathroom singer?

Sometimes, when I forget to start Spotify before showering.

9. Do you have any advice for young aspiring photographers?

Just do what you want to do. Don’t listen to people dismissing what you do.

10. What are your goals for the future, regarding your work?

Visiting Patagonia and Scotland, finishing my university degree.