Interview With a Photographer: Suta Rahady

Where’s home?

I was born and live in Bali.

What is the favorite place you’ve travelled to?

So far, mostly I travel around Indonesia and I really love exploring East Java and some spots in Bali. East Java was amazing, there are many cool mountains, huge and beautiful waterfalls and less people know about these places. I went here with my friend @andybachtiar_ and definitely will go back to East Java.

How did you get started as a photographer?

Well, I started my photography in my last year of University, and I've loved hiking since senior high school and have continued at university but before I was more interested in enjoying the view and possibly taking photos with my phone camera. However, after I graduated I decided to buy my very first camera and practiced my photography skills from online tutorials, also from my friends like @jordhammond and @michaelmatti who I asked questions about shot and setting etc.

What camera equipment / software / tech do you use?  Any must haves?

I use Canon EOS 6D at the moment, Canon Lens 50mm and 20mm, DJI Mavic Pro. For editing I use lightroom and sometimes I use Photoshop. I really love lightroom to edit my photos and most of my photos are edited in lightroom.

What photographers have influenced you, how you think and shoot?

Since I really love nature/landscape and lifestyle, I followed people who capture a nature theme. There are so many people that influenced me that I can’t mention all of them here, but here are few such as @michaelmatti @danielernst @helloemilie.

Any top tips for Instagram?

First, post quality photo and try to post consistently on your instagram account. If you can do this, then you can grow your instagram account fast. Don’t ever try to buy likes and followers, if you’re a photographer why do you need such fake things? People will follow you if you share a great content.

What are you trying to communicate through your photographs?

I want to show in my photos how beautiful the landscape is out in Bali. Since I live there, I want to show the many beautiful beaches, landscapes, hotels and the beauty of our nature, culture etc. But I'm more focusing on nature now and most of the time I like to put a person on my frame to bring the photo alive. Sometimes it makes the photo more interesting and gives more emotion as well.

What motivates you to continue doing what you’re doing?

I just love being out with nature, the feeling when you wake up at like 4am to see sunrise and when you arrive, no one is there! It just feels amazing! It's not just about the photos though but also the time you spend with your friends. I want to explore more of Indonesia and of course other countries as well. When you know what your passion is, it’s hard to describe it. I guess “when you know, you know”.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Of course! Haha I love to sing in the bathroom, but I don’t know if people want to hear my beautiful voice xD

Do you have any advice for young aspiring photographers?

Do what you love, practice more and always listen to any tips and critics that come your way, it will end up making you even better. No one was awesome when they first started their photography skills! Just remember to keep practicing.

What are your goals for the future, regarding your work?

Well, since I’m still studying my masters degree, I want to finish that first. Hopefully that will be this year. Then I'm planning on visiting more islands within Indonesia, as well as exploring South East Asia. Additionally, I want to improve photography skills, not just focusing on nature but also other things in photography with the ultimate aim to live as a full time photographer and traveler.