A Contemporary Stay At The Savoy

As I walked into The American Bar, the best bar in Europe and the second best in the world, I asked; What makes it this bar so special?  The answer was, the menu, the feel, but ultimately, you'll see for yourself.  And as I sat at the bar sipping a refreshing cocktail from their new Coast-to-Coast Menu, and made conversation with my attentive white-jacketed barman I was beginning to understand what made the bar so unique.  But then the barman, Martin, said, I have worked here 2 years, 5 months and 19 days.  You never forget the day you join The Savoy.  This moment stuck with me during my stay; the excitement of the guests and staff is contagious.

Other highlights included a tour of the 'back' of The Savoy.  Realising that the incredibly high standards at the front of house are equally high behind the scenes was remarkable.  Each meal is checked, double checked and triple checked whilst being prepared to ensure nothing but excellence is delivered!  And having eaten at Kaspar's three times I was pleasantly surprised at the extensiveness of the vegan menu.  My personal favourtie was the Samosa to start and then the gnocchi!

However, my highlight was the roof access.  The hotel is in the heart of London, to the left there is The London Eye and Big Ben, and on the right St Pauls and The City.  During a pleasant summer's sunset it was genuinely one of the most stunning views I have ever seen.  Climbing up a steep ladder and then opening an old door and then being presented with the view brought back memories of the surprise at Sun Gate, Peru.

Thank you for a memorable stay and excellent experience.  I look forward to returning one day soon!