Interview With a Photographer | Marcel Lesch

Where’s home?

Hey folks, this is Marcel aka @evolumina here! Let me tell you more about myself: I call the beautiful city of Bonn my home. Located in the West of Germany its pretty close to the French boarder. You may have seen some of the famous cherry blossom images from Bonn!

What is the favourite place you’ve travelled to?

My favourite place I have traveled to so far is Canada! I have actually started with landscape photography out there. Since than I have returned each year. I´m just in love with this country because of its awesome nature. Crystal clear lakes, massive mountain formations, wildlife and people! Cant wait for my next adventure out there!

How did you get started as a photographer?

I started with my best friend back in my home town. Before heading out to the USA for two years I have purchased my full frame DSLR to improve my photography. I was located in Boston which is pretty close to NYC. Consequently I made my way into this amazing city several times. So basically I started with architecture photography. Started with landscape on my first outdoor trip to Canada. When I returned home I got in touch with other German landscape photographers to follow my new passion! And here I am, 1,5 years later making my living out of photography. 

What camera equipment / software / tech do you use?  Any must haves?

I use a Canon 5D MK IV with the 16-35mm III and I edit my images with Lightroom only. This is a great combination cause of the fullframe sensor. My must have: Good friends and awesome travel buddies for your adventures. 

What photographers have influenced you, how you think and shoot?

To be honest I haven´t really followed any photographers as an idol since I started with photography. I try to improve myself but I´m always happy for any advice friends and other photographers can give me!

Any top tips for Instagram?

Be active and love it. It wont work if you dont love it. It costs a lot of your daily time and you have to be patient with the app. Sometimes the app works great for you and sometimes not. Find awesome friends who are sharing your passion for social media and photography!

What are you trying to communicate through your photographs?

Well I always try to capture the most beautiful moment I have expired on my trips. My photos are usually a mix of pure landscape images and adventure landscape. It is always a great idea to use a person for scale. Place yourself or one of your travel buddies in front of a waterfall or on a mountain ridge. If you use a zoom lens for the photo the scale will look amazing!

What motivates you to continue doing what you’re doing?

My biggest motivation to continue is the fact that I can travel the world and make a living out of it! This means a lot to me and I have worked really hard to reach my goal! 

Are you a bathroom singer?

I usually sing in the car!

Do you have any advice for young aspiring photographers?

If you are interested in photography go outside and take photos of whatever looks interesting for you. There is no need to travel to the end of the world for great photos! Of course thats an awesome experience but I have started with in Europe by car. Bring some friends for late night talks and shared gas costs!

What are your goals for the future, regarding your work?

My goal is to continue my job as a photographer and to travel to even more countries. I haven't been in South America or Africa yet!